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Here’s a little history lesson (ugh, I know but quick and painless). Cold process soap is a method of soap making that has been used for thousands of years dating back to ancient Babylon between 2200-2800 BC. Like most things, as more needed to be made we turned to faster, more industrial friendly methods. Hot process soap was born! By literally cooking a base formula that includes alcohol and other filler products, companies engineered soap to be mass produced in huge vats to maximize efficiency. Little did anyone know the deleterious effects that soap would have on our skin long term; soap is soap, right?

Wrong! As health-conscious people started to look at their body holistically, they realized that this industrial friendly hot process soap was causing dry, itchy skin that can lead to rashes *gasp*. To solve this problem, there was a shift back to the slower, traditional, hand crafted cold process soap. Generally speaking, cold process soap is more natural and better for the largest organ on your body, the skin!

Lumbazzi has chosen the harder path in the all-natural personal care world. We want to upgrade cold process soap far above anyone else in the industry with a few elements; base formula, scent, and performance. We crafted a unique, palm oil free base formula that incorporates all the lather you expect out of your soap with an added silky feeling, skin hydrating performance you never knew you wanted! Lumbazzi only uses essential oils to add scent to our products, staying as truly natural as we can while avoiding harsh fragrance oils that take away from our Proper Care mission.

Great question! If you are new to natural cold- process soap, the first thing you may notice (other than the awesome smells and better performance) is the bar seems to go away faster. The lack of fillers and alcohol is the culprit! You had the right choice with natural, and need to understand slightly more care is needed.

There are a few things you can do to enjoy The Proper Bar for longer:

1. Be sure to shake off excess water from the bar after use. All those drips add up!

2. Store your bar out of water. This is the most important. The more water your bar is exposed to the faster is dissolves. Best solution is to elevate the bar off its surface with a soap dish or other products. (more to come here)

3. Use a loofah or wash cloth to get your desired lather. Even better, if you have a majestic man mane use that!

For now yes, this is from the soy ink we talk about in another question. We do not want this to happen and are actively making adjustments to avoid soy ink bleed in the very near future. During extreme heat while in our warehouse or in transit to you, the soap may absorb the ink on its top layers. Soy ink is safe due to its design, you can simply rinse off the ink under your sink or use it as you normally would in the shower!

Aloe Vera is an overall amazing thing! From healing lobster colored sun burns to cuts and reducing inflammation on the skin, aloe seemingly does it all! During product development, we found that aloe created this unique feel we found family, friends, and ourselves to love! We found once we blended aloe vera and coconut cream together there was the perfect balance of cleansing and hydration our skin couldn’t get enough of.

Although typically uncommon and mild reactions, we were aware of potential Aloe Vera allergies. We were very careful to include a high enough percentage to see the skin benefits while also reducing the chance of someone having a reaction. If you find your skin having an adverse reaction, please discontinue use and let us know so we can make it right. We only wish to help our Bartherhood community!

Essential oils are typically distilled with steam or water and a variety of other factors like time, temperature, and pressure. Different parts of the plant (think leaves, bark, flowers etc.) can be used to form varying smelling versions of the same oil. Did you know even the soil, nutrients, and region a plant is grown in can influence the final scent? Even if the Botanical names are the same, if one oil is made in Italy and the other France their scents could be entirely different! Crazy right?!

On the other hand, fragrance oils, even “natural” fragrance oils are man-made. The scents are synthesized in a lab to tell your brain the particles coming in your nose are “ocean breeze”. Synthetic fragrance oils are nearly 100% man-made where natural fragrance oils begin from a natural source but in the end are no different than synthetic versions.

Lumbazzi does not take short cuts when it comes to creating scents for any product. It may be the harder road but we believe being as close to nature as possible is the only path for us!

Yes! The Proper Bar does not include animal products nor has it been tested on anything furry, fuzzy or scaled.

Just as the name suggests, ink made from soybeans! Instead of the tradition, pertoleum based ink, we use a more natural and environmentally friendly ink that we are proud of. Soy ink also allows for recycled materials to be more easily processed!

For those of you with soy allergies who are concerned about handling soy-based inks, you should be glad to know that the manufacturing process strips the soy proteins from the final product. This means that soybean inks are entirely safe and have shown no risk of causing allergic reactions or anaphylaxis.

The Proper Care Mission

We are kind of purists here. We believe “natural” implies ingredients from mother-earth. Natural should only be claimed when ingredients are chosen specifically for their inherent benefits, not because it is a trendy buzz word. An example of this is how we use essential oils to scent our products.

Lumbazzi is dedicated to using post-consumer recycled material in all our soap boxes. This means that as you recycle, our partners take what you have already used, convert it to a usable material, then remake it into the box you receive as a one time or Batherhood subscription order in the mail! We also use soy ink to print on our boxes, which is far more eco-friendly than chemical-based alternatives other companies use. Soy ink is generally less ideal for a quality print and is more likely to smudge but as masters of their craft, our partners do an amazing job at creating a box we can all be proud of.

We are always looking for more ways to help save Mother Earth while also saving your skin. If you have any ideas on how you can help us further the Proper Care mission, please email us at with the subject Sustainability with more details!

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